About Me

Epiphany Shaw

Hi, I’m Epiphany.

Helping people in crisis to get through tough times is what I’ve been doing for over 20 years. 

Not just help clients get through them, but to use the situations as a catalyst to not just understand, heal, and grow from the experiences that first brought them to me, but to come out the other side with the next level of joy, gratitude, and peace they’ve been yearning for in their lives for quite some time.

Whether it be helping women get their confidence and center back after a trauma like an infidelity or rape… 

Or counseling husbands to love their wives with a deeper devotion that she needs and deserves… 

Or supporting women to upgrade her self care and confidence so she has the security she needs to lead her life and marriage to peace and harmony… 

Or teaching couples to love each other more so they have deeper intimacy and connection… 

Or guiding people to truly step into their next best versions of themselves that they want to be… 

This is what I get to do in the world.

Ultimately, my life’s mission is to help my clients learn how to give and receive more love, thereby enriching their own lives while empowering the lives of all those around them.  

In my signature work, I’ve developed a powerful method that helps my clients reach their full potential, a method that blends age-old wisdom with cutting-edge technologies, a method that joins the power of the human mind with the deeper longings of the human heart, a method that has allowed my clients to thrive both personally and professionally. 

To get my support and focused attention on you and your situation–be it virtually, in-person, or as part of one of my intensives, group coaching programs, or VIP Retreats — click the BOOK NOW button to schedule your free 20 minute Relationship Rescue Consultation.

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