Client Love

“There are no words to describe what Epiphany does and how she does it.  I went from having the weight of the world on my shoulders to having perspective! She focuses only on YOU, she never waivers, and the light that she shines is captivating, and if you are having a hard time finding YOUR light, she helps you find it.  She did for me. I plan on seeing Epiphany for a long time because not only is she a fantastic coach and mentor, she’s truly a luminous person to be around. She is my teacher and learning from her is the best experience I’ve had in a very long time :)”

-Sarah G.

“Epiphany is proof that magic exists in the world and inside of us. Unlike counseling, that takes years and never gets you very far, she takes issues, memories, your associations to people, places and things and makes them pliable, proving that our minds truly can be changed, which means that our lives can.

She is the most positive and down to earth mentor I’ve ever known. Trust me, she makes the seemingly impossible absolutely possible. If you had one week left to live, this woman would need to be on your list of people to talk to. I mean that with all my heart.”

-Suzanne W.

“If you want to resolve the issues in your relationship, then Epiphany would be the one to help you in a very gentle, very loving way but also empower you and help you to get the best out of yourself… I feel in a very, very different place than I was six months ago before I started working with Epiphany. I mean, 180-degree change. The situation hasn’t necessarily changed all that much, but it’s been a huge internal shift. I’ve gained a lot of strength, a lot of confidence, tools, and techniques to know how to navigate, even in the face of adversity or challenge, which has brought me closer to really expressing who I am. And I feel like that has prepared me for whatever’s ahead in life for me.”

-Jessica R.

“Our marriage was at an impasse and we found Epiphany as a guiding force in understanding the evolution of our relationship and what we needed to focus on to address the issues that were many years in the making. After much work as a couple–and more importantly, individually–we decided to end the marriage, very amicably, with a plan that focused on the children as a priority. Without her loving but firm guidance, our dissolution could have ended poorly. Instead, we are co-parents in a much healthier, happier mindset than where we started. We are honest, transparent and more communicative with each other, our children, our loved ones.”

-Juliette S.

“My work with Epiphany was, in a word, transformative. All along the way, I was feeling the results of our work together. Particular old and worn-out habits we went to work on- gone! The childhood trauma memories… all they are now are just memories – there is zero emotional upheaval connected to them… Amazing!!  I also feel less anxiety and have a sense of freedom to be more of who I want to be in the world than ever before. And the results have lasted!! I have done years (and I mean years) of talk therapy and many other forms of self-help – most of them were helpful and have their place but the efficiency with which Epiphany worked (her expertise combined with tremendous intuition and compassionate humor) was beyond anything I have done before. Very grateful!! Thank You!!!”

-Randy L.

“I recently separated from my wife after 35 years together. I wish I had met Epiphany before things fell apart with her. Instead, we saw a series of marriage therapists, hoping they could both understand our problems and guide us to solutions. Those therapists didn’t help at all; they were all content to take our payments and listen to us as we stayed stuck in our problems – one year after another. Meeting Epiphany was a revelation. She’s as excited to see me overcome my issues as I am! Just after two meetings, I was able to lay down burdens that I had carried for years. If you know what you want in life, but haven’t been able to find the right route, ask Epiphany for help.”

-Tony T.

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